Fontifier - create your own font!// Your own handwriting on your computer!
Fontifier - create your own font!
Fontifier lets you use your own handwriting for the text you write on your computer.
It turns a scanned sample of your handwriting into a handwriting font that you can use
in your word processor or graphics program, just like regular fonts such as Helvetica.
Print out the Fontifier template sheet.
Write your characters on the template.
Scan the template and save it.
Upload the template and create your font.
Preview and then buy your font.
Download your font.
Install your font for use with your programs.

Scan template

Scan your template at a resolution of 72 dpi, 75 dpi, or 100 dpi.

Save it as an image file. Recommended formats are GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.

Note: Make sure the scan captures the entire template, including the outer border,
or your font will not be created correctly.

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