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Signature template

The new signature template allows you to create a font containing up to 26 signatures, greetings, phrases, logos, or pictures, which you can then add to your documents simply by typing a single key A to Z.

To display and print out the signature template click here:

Signature template

Write each of your signatures or phrases in one of the cells labelled A to Z, making sure you leave a small border between your writing and the edge of the cell. You do not need to complete all the cells:

Don't worry about the horizontal position of each signature or phrase in its cell. Fontifier automatically trims away any space from the left or right of your writing.

We suggest using a mnemonic for each of your phrases; for example, "S" for your signature, "W" for "With compliments", "H" for "Happy Christmas", etc.

To include a long phrase divide it between two or more cells. You can then enter it by typing the corresponding sequence of two or more letters; for example "ABC".

When you have completed your template, scan it and upload it to Fontifier in the usual way. After previewing your font you will be able to pay for it and download it.


Here are some suggested applications for the Fontifier signature template:

  • Your full signature and first name.

  • Greetings: for example "Best wishes", "With compliments", etc.

  • Special occasions; for example: "Merry Christmas, "Happy birthday", etc.

  • Epigrams; for example "Little strokes fell great oaks".

  • Business messages; for example "Thanks for your order", "Prompt payment appreciated", etc.

  • Pictures and doodles; for example smileys, hearts, kisses.

If you have an unusual application of the Fontifier signature template we'd love to hear from you at .

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